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Originally posted by ROB89M3
Guys,for the price you can't beat the obx....BUT

I'd rather buy the GC coilovers. They are really great quality
and you can choose your own spring rates (call Jay at Ground control) The price is a bit higher though....

If I had to do it again, I would get the KW coilovers. They are
one of the best "true" coilovers out there. BBR Sportline in Markham is a supplier for KW. But they are $2200

After having both GC and OBX installed on my E30... i can make a fairly unbiased opinion on both products and say: save your money and get the OBX. The GC's are a little too harsh for the street and you'd almost have to get the Bilstein Sport shocks revalved (or it'll bounce like Rob's car does in his video driving down the 427 to Bimmercruize). The springs are also universally interchangable on the OBX (they all buy the sleeves from someone else anyways) as the GC. Like I said, i've had them both, and the quality is equal... the Japanese can make them cheaper than the Americans.
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