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on the OBX box, it say both E30/E36... and since they have similar setups I don't see why they wouldn't (and didn't) work. The spring rates might be in question, but compared to the "E30" Ground Controls I had on prior, the OBX were a lot more street friendly with a decent ride.

When you torch off the stock perches (don't try this on the car please) you'll have to somehow make a lip so the sleeves rest on it since you can't weld Aluminum to the steel perch. Either a bead of weld or tack on an old brake line around the strut (do a good job, the weight of the front is on there).

Ryan, the price of the kit is around $260.00 CDN.... depending where you get it.... remember, they're just sleeves/springs, not "true" coilovers with shocks.
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