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Originally Posted by Mystikal
Great grab Ian, when did you move to Calgary?

BTW, your E30 is pretty much the reason my car looks as it does. I have that same pic saved on my PC from many years ago, off the Roadfly forums. Always said my car would be like that day.
Thanks - I've always liked the Ronal wheels with a stock lowered look. I saw it myself a good few years ago on Roadfly and had had to have it myself. You'll have to do a S52 swap now to keep on par! The biggest debate with the swap has been the brakes...I want to upgrade to M3 brakes, but can't part with the 4 bolt rims. I think I will have to keep them and get a BBK.

I left Newfoundland about 2.5 years ago to work out in Calgary. I'm a mechanical engineer, so Alberta is the spot to be at the moment.
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