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If anyone ordered anything from BMP from me, official apology

BMP did not tell me my order was backordered and I had to call them 1-2 weeks later and ask them where my order is. This is when they told me that I was missing information and they could not proceed with my order, so they canceled it, they didn't bother to tell me. I hate BMP, they have amazing parts and quality, but their owners are pure cocky assholes. I apologize for the delay to all the members whole recently ordered sometime from me from BMP. In the future if you need BMP parts expect it to take a few weeks. Once again, I apologize for their poor customer service.

'02 C32 AMG @ 18psi - Eurocharged custom ECU/TCU, ASP 178mm crank pulley + NW PSK, CM30 i/c pump, NW i/c iso kit, EC i/c, Magnecore wires, NW CAI, SL55 Y pipe, NW ported intake manifolds + gaskets/spacers, NW inconel exhaust manifolds, NW catch can, dual exhaust, H&R sways, H&R coilovers, H&R spacers, Quaife ATB LSD, goodridge lines, Stoptech pads, AMG 18" rims, Zeitronix datalogger.
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