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Tell me about it! I was meant to get my car (another E30)featured on the next issue and the day before the photo shoot i wrote it off cause of some dick leaving a stainless steel bar on the road!lol
But for real i ...have my eyes on an E30 M3 Sport somewhere in Europe and the owner passed away 2 months after he bought it new! Since then his dad has it stored and only drives it around the block once a week. He says i can have it soon! And the best part is that he does not know the real value of the car. The speedo has only 7980 km. even the tyres are original (and shit by now) and the car has never seen rain. just need to be patient as he says he is attached to the car as it reminds him of his son! God i am such a bastard ehh...but soon with a mint Sport!lol

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