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Originally posted by superM3
The differential was changed as well.
And what differential was put into the car? There aren't many taller ratios available for the E36, unless it's a custom gearset.

The E36 M3 (US spec) came with a 3.23 rear end, and is mechanically restricted to 157 MPH tops.

With the 3.15 rear end from the Euro M3 it's 161 MPH tops.

Doesn't matter if the car was blown, sprayed, whatever. No effect on the top speed at all...just an effect on how quickly it gets up to that speed.

I'm doubting anybody has changed the rear diff in that car...if anything, they would have gone shorter, and not taller, as the M3 is simply geared for highway driving to begin with. All the Euro options for the E36 M3 involved a 3.64:1 or 3.91:1 rear end instead of the 3.15:1 stock unit.

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