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!!! Sunroof Visor Problem !!!

Hey Guys,

I don't know if my luck just gets worse :crying: ...but I'm hoping that this better be an easy and inexpensive fix. Here's my problem. A few nights ago, my sunroof is closed, and the visor of the sunroof (the felt piece that's on the inside of the car, that closes to keep light from coming through the sunroof) is closed as well.

Well here goes...I begin to slide the visor thingy backwards to open the sunroof...and I guess I pulled back too hard and the next thing i hear is 'CRACK' ...and then the visor thing is jammed it won't go back any here I am pissed & confused as f#%$ so...I decide to pull the visor thingy close I'm in the process of pulling the visor forward this little black plastic (what i think is some type of clip) falls out of the visor...and I'm thinkin' that can't be a good thing

Now to make matters worse, the visor is suppose to stop once the handle reaches pretty much to the rear, however now my problem is the visor can go so far back in the roof it can pretty much disappear... :Idunno: ...and to make matters worse, I can't retract my sun roof (slide all the way back) because it pushes the visor thingy even further back into the roof of the car and jams the sunroof from going any further!!! :angry: :angry: :angry:

I hope everyone knows what piece I'm talking about...

Any suggestions? :Idunno:

Thanks in advance,


PS. The "visor thingy" i'm referring to is the interior piece of the sunroof which you can manually open and close depending if you want light to come into the car
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