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With this specific car, I would ask the following:

- Receipts of the control arm replacement. It should be the newer updated version. I don't think the original control arms would have lasted this long anyway. They are not that cheap to replace.

-You should definitely have the car checked out before buying it. Have it done either at a BMW dealer or at RPM Motors. If the this dealer refuses, walk away. There is no reason that they should refuse if a BMW dealer is doing a 59 or 100 point inspection on the car. When doing the inspection, have the Vanos unit checked properly as well. They tend to go.

-As I already mentioned, check the rear subframe as well. That is why it is important to have the car checked out properly.

-Some caution. With new tires, it’s hard to determine if the suspension is good. If you end up paying list price, I would insist that they do a 4 wheel alignment from a good shop for the price. Tell them you want the print out after the alignment. Alignment/Camber are not part of the safety. I’m only speaking from experience. I had some costly repairs afterwards to fix the problem!!!!

- Starting with an offer $8000.00 would be good. I would stop at $9000 or $9100.00. That should leave you enough room for repairs that would come up. If they are selling the car for $10000.00, they probably bought the car for $6000.00-$7000.00 at an auction.
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