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The d200 is a fantastic camera as it is so maybe just keep it. Its built like a tank.

if youre going to replace your d200 with the 5d canon just remember that you will lose the weather sealed body of d200 and the d2x to a non-weather sealed body of the canon 5d.

I personally would choose the d2x over the 5d, a more fair comparison would be the d2x against the top of line canon 1ds markii as the d2x is a much higher end body than 5d.

i believe the d2xs is out now which is the newest version so you should see prices dropping for the d2x.
Something to consider that make getting the d2x at a much lower price than could be possibe a few months ago.

1 thing Canon has over Nikon is the ability to handle higher ISO's with less noise which although the NIkon does well with the Canon does so much better.
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