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word thanks man, looks like it will be happening, barring any unforceen complications (which I believe there will be none but you never know). It's actually the one that is for sale on here by max member deaner, really nice guy to deal with, very good at getting back to me when I called and such max needs more seller like this

It's a bronze colour on tan interior, should be doing a trade, my 300E for the 735 which is awesome and what I was hoping to do at some point all along. So I guess that makes me a tentative member of these here halls any secret handshake I need to learn or... Guess we will be the token 7 guys eh man? At the meets that is...

07 GTI, Revo Stage II, 3" catless GHL exhaust, OEM R32 rear conversion, 17x9 + 17x11 215/45/17 all around on genuine BBS RS's, B&G RSII coilovers

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