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Which detailing products to buy

Car Wash

I Mothers California Gold or Meguiars Gold Class for non Zaino'ed cars. Both are available at Canadian Tire (CT).

If you are using Zaino, then I'd strongly recommend using Z7. It is an awesome car wash with excellent lubricity.

Wash Mitt

I use the Simoniz sheepskin mitts from CT.


Buy the cheap 8-10 pack cotton towels for your doorjambs and the other nasty places. Available locally.

Good towels

You can buy quality MF towels from any reputable detailing vendor. I'd also recommend buying an MF Waffle Weave towel as well for drying your car, and a plush MF for quick detailing.


Mothers and Zaino clay are both good. Mothers can be bought at CT and Zaino can be had at any Barbers Chair.

Abrasive Polish

[size=2][color=black]I recommend Menzerna Intensive Polish (IP).

Mild polish

Klasse All In One (AIO) for Klasse details Zaino ZPC for Zaino details, or Menzerna Final Polish II for any other details.


Klasse Sealant Glaze (SG), Zaino Z2 Pro for light colours and Zaino Z5 Pro for dar colours.


S100. It is available at any Harley-Davidson Dealer as well as online from many places. This wax is the exact same as P21s.

Quick Detailer

Mothers California Gold or Meguiars Final Inspection QD for non Zaino details. Available locally at CT and Napa respectively. Z6 for for Zaino details. Zaino can be purchased from the Zaino store.

Wheel and Tire Cleaner

I usually just use car wash soap. If they are really dirty, I use Eagle One All Wheel and Tire Cleaner. Be warned though, consistent use of harsh wheel cleaners is not good for your rims.

Tire dressing

For now I'm using Mother FX Tire Shine (High Gloss) or Mothers Reflections Tire Shine (Low Gloss). Both can be purchased online. Not sure when they will be coming to Canada.


I usually use a damp and then dry towel to wipe them off.


I recommend the Porter Cable (PC) 7424 Random Orbital Polisher. It can be purchased at CT.

Foam pads for Polisher

Buy Lake Country pads. They can be purchased from many online vendors. Some companies private label their pads, but rest assured they are LC.

Velcro Backing Plate for Polisher

Same places as listed for the foam pads.
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