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Originally Posted by bimmer_5er
whats that sensor by the alternator. when u converted it to obd1 did u tap the head and the thermostat for the dual temp senors. or did u just leave it.

do u have the tranny>?

mmmmm... by the way i dont think thats a s52. on the s52's the oil filler cap is closest to the firewall not the radiator.
here take a look this is actually a s52, from a 1997
The sensor by the alternator is an air temp sensor, which plugs into the stock air box. Totally nit required (it's for collant by-pass in the TB).

The engine in this thread is an s52 ... oil cap is right. The picture you posted a link to as an s50 (obd1 3.0L M3 motor)
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