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Just want to give my props to these two sponsors..

imagine if you will.. its friday @ around 5pm.. stores/dealerships are closing or are closed, and im a victim of a upper rad hose neck split! (Fack!). RMP tries everything they could to get the upper hose connected to the side tank neck but with pretty much no neck to clamp onto its near impossible to drive the car home and to expect that hose to stay connected! RMP spends a good 30 mins on the phone calling every connection he knew to see if they can get a new/used rad for me that night..but to no avail (Rocco even calls up Shantaran, but we wont even get into that!) its about 730pm and things are looking gloomy on my side, and im already thinking im walking home in that frigid weather!( a good 4hr walk! and i definitely wasnt going to do that since i got tropical genes in me!).. then we decide to call up Bruce @ Luxtec! Man.. Bruce is a lifesaver.. I talk to him and sure enough he had one lying around! (@ a better price & condition than Shantaran..Ahh Yea!).. after everything is said and done RMP gets things connected and filled and im on my way at around 845pm and still even made it to the Fallsview Casino meet that night! heh.. Anyways.. Thanks again to Rocco and his helper for going above and beyond and staying well past his closing hours to help me out and making sure my problem was solved!.. And to Bruce @ Luxtec for helping me out on that rad! Thanks Bro! (I hate Plastic!)
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