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Just what I wanted to ask.

I have 18x8 in the front and 18x9 in the rear. Now I am also lowered on KONI suspension kit...(yellow shocks and bluish springs). I have minimal rubbing until I hit a dip or like today I had a 100lb passenger in the rear seats and .....dam did I hear rubbing when I turn corners.....if she is sitting on the right and I turn left I will hear the rub and vice versa. Fenders are not one in Windsor knows what rolling the fender means !
Also running 225/40/18 on all four rims.....not my choice bought them like this.....stretched in the rear....
Mind you that this setup was off an E36.

Anyone else have inputs?
As stated:
-Minimum rubbing with no rear passengers
-rubbing with passengers.
-Anyone in Windsor on this board that know some shop that rolls fenders?
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