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I haven't read the whole thread but it sounds like ur looking for a similar setup like i have in my beater at the moment. It's a mix of peices I used to have in the bimmer.

Up front is a 2000 Kenwood excelon KDC-X519 which for its age is quite an impressive unit. (has some flaws) for one there is no speaker wire outputs. just 3 sets of 4v preouts. which means I have to run amps for speakers and subs BUT the problem with the HU is that theres a "popping" in 2 of the 3 preouts ( i sent it to kenwood to have it fixed and they did nothing) so I have my zapco 2chnl 360 watt hooked to the rear preout (only one working fine) and then i have 4 speakers hooked to the amp FL and RL to left side FR and RR to right side then I have my 2 12" JL W0 briddged.

It sounds alright but because I have speakers and subs hooked to the same amp you have to leave the crossover on full which means the subs are getting high signals and the speakers are getting low signals when ideally you wanna give the sub all the lows and none of the highs and vice versa to the speakers. The deck allows me to put limits on the frequencies going to the amp but still it just sounds acceptable.

As mentioned before its putting a big load on the amp and even though I have it turned to only about 1/3 of its power capabilities it has overheated on me a few times from really pounding it.

Its not an ideal setup but it works for the time being, as I'm waiting on one of my amps to be fixed and my new Kenwood Excelon KDC-X979 to come in

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