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Originally Posted by Skeezix
Interesting, what about that Lingenfelter twin turbo ZO6 that hit a 9.2? Just more to it then just a turbo kit that was done on the car or just that good of a driver, altitude? Is 9.2 possible with the twin screw? I haven't done my homework and this is about the extent of what I know off hand about the Vette's, but it's interesting. I forgot the horsepower numbers the Lingenfelter Vette had though, so maybe it was more then 800rwhp. I'm assuming you know which one I'm talking about. I hope you do. haha.
That car had over 200G's US into it, a one off build.
I'm not talking about a one-off car.
I'm talking about what the average Joe like you and me gets when we shell out 50G's US for Lingenfelter 427TT's. There going to run high 10's, and that's full out.
Stop reading on the internet, and spend some time at the track.
If you do, you're in for a reality check.
For example, I've seen two separate occasions of two different Viper TT's with over 800rwhp. One couldn't get into the 10's, and another's best was a 10.8. There's a local C6 Single Turbo, dyno'ed 1005rwhp, with a HP/torque curve that triples it's power at 4500rpm. Best? Is a 10.8@147mph.
Peak numbers don't mean squat. AVERAGE power does.
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