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Yesterday, SL55 ... today, Ferrari

Well, it's been an entertaining couple of days on the 401. Yesterday I was on my way to work and got passed by a beautiful Mercedes SL55 AMG. I'm not down with MB colour names, but looked to be a graphite black, and had bigass chrome deap dish rims on it!

So I pull in behind this guy, and I guess when he saw the kidneys in his rear view and wanted to play. I knew I had no chance so wasn't going to waste my gas, but was fun watching him accelerate, and then wait for me, then accelerate .... thing is fast! First time he took off we were going like 130, I saw a puff of exhaust from each tail pipe, the suspension compress slightly, got a bunch of sand in my face, and he was way up the road. Haha, that's the only time I thought about trying to catch him ... get him to fix any stone chips he caused!!

Then today, almost same time during my drive, I see some dancing xenons in the fast lane stuck behind a couple of cars. As it passed, yep, yellow Ferrari 575 ... I didn't even pull behind this one, had dealer plates, and once the traffic parted, he was gone! I just kept on driving, looking something like this .
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