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Originally Posted by tlaselva
That car needs to go on a major diet.


That thing weighs more than an M5, and almost as much as my Magnum.

May make a good 1/4 mile car, but in the twisties, braking, there's no getting around the momentum a 4000lbs car will exhibit under hard maneuvers.

It's sad and disappointing. I think it's one of the nicest Ford cars ever produced. This car had the potential of becoming a world class car, IF they had kept the weight down to 3500lbs. Sad thing is, people are paying over 70G's for this monstrosity.

I've heard from a buddy that was at Cayuga last week that someone was flogging one down the track with only an intake.
With 1.8 short, best he could muster was a 12.9, with the advantage of single digit temps which S/C cars are at an advantage.
exactly what i think
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