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Originally Posted by cisco911
The only truly bad thing about leasing is the km restriction. I don't know how much bmw is but I think its 22k a year. I do more than that and I work downtown which means I use transit to get to work. So nights and weekends is more than 22k, so if someone drives to work and back, well i'm guessing it would be really easy to go over on kms. Besides...since the average kms per year that someone puts on a car is around 25k, that means that more than half the people that drive do more kms than a lease would allow.
BMW standard is 24k/year, they also have a low mileage option of 20k/year.
However at the time of negotiating a lease, if you believe you will go over the limit, you are able to negotiate more km's at a specified rate factored into the payment.

That being said, the last car we returned to BMW was over by approximately 3,000km's. However since we were leasing another vehicle from them, they did not charge us. Again this may be because we have purchased a number of vehicles from them in the past (although I have met a number of acquaintances that were first time bmw owners, returning their cars over mileage and not being dinged for it because they were leasing another vehicle from them).

I do agree though that is one of the only downfalls of leasing (although it has never effected my driving habits).
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