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Originally Posted by propr'one
mitch? racing? hmm.

spirited driving though? just egg him on. His car's a lot faster than mine, but the 4th time i flew past him on the 401 doing 160+ he finally gave me a run.

(after which we went to taco bell, and raced (and i lost) most of the way there. Being the huge ****ing asshole that mitch is, once we got to taco bell, he asked me: "were you actually trying back there")

...****ing douchebag

I think you forgot to mention that you got spanked even with 2 girls in my car!

It was a legit question tho. I didn't know if you were pushing your car to the fullest as your muffler is stock. Couldn't hear your car over mine much.


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just do it once, do it right.
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