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OKay, I need help again. I got a new amp and it's still screwed...

This is basically what happened....I was driving in the 240 (alpine deck) and the subs suddenly stopped working. I didn't have time to bother with them so I just pulled them out. Then, I parked the 240 and decided to put the subs in the civic (very old JVC deck).

So I go and connect it all up (I used the same wiring as the 240), and hope that it will work for some reason. It doesn't.

I then buy a cheap sub ($15) to test because I thought the subs were blown (since amp turns on). It still doesn't work (but said sub works 100% I checked it on my buddies system).

So then I posted here, and thought it was probably the amp so I bought an amp just now (used..).

It still doesn't work. I pulled out the deck and ****ed with it a bit and it still didn't work. BUT I tried something. I stuck the 2 wires that go form the deck the amp in the "speaker" section isntead of the "subwoofer" section. That worked! My sub was playing mids lol.

Now, this process of elimination leads me to belive that the sub out on the deck is ****ed (since sub, wiring, and amp are ok..)...BUT that's not really possible either since it stopped working with the alpine and I really doubt that the sub out wiring would just fail ont he alpine AND this deck (the alpine is only 5 monhts old).

Any ideas??? I'm thinking of trying the alpine on the civic but it's a hassle to keep re wiring and I'm getting quite frustrated and it's probably not gonna work still so I'd appreciate other ideas.

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