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For those who are worried that this might be a balls to the walls type of cruise here is some info:

I will be leading this cruise. It's a CRUISE not a RACE. I cannot control those who want to speed BUT, if you don't want to get lost then sit back RELAX and enjoy the cruise... We will be taking the 400 up most of the way, and since we will more then likly have a large group (i hope) that generates attenion, both wanted (people admireing the cars) and unwanted (cops) When we are traveling on the 400, our speed will be roughly around 115 or so as to keep with the flow of traffic. Once on the roads around muskoka, they are 80 zones mostly, so we will keep a speed of around 90-95km/h also, please when you are on the cruise try and keep with the pack (since we will not be going that fast shouldn't be hard) BUT, please be aware and considerate of other drivers, if the pack goes to pass someone, excersize good judgement, as I will be paying attention to who is behind me as best I can, with regards to those who may fall behind. If you do fall behind, I will be getting 2-3 people towards the back (one or two depending on the size of the group, in the middle, and one at the back) to keep tabs and let me know should a break occur. Have no fear, if you get seperated from the pack, there is someone to let myself or another know, and we WILL pull to the side, or off the road depending on the situation, and wait for you to rejoin the pack.

Hope you can make it N2O, if so please add yourself to the list and post that you will be comming, in the thread for the cruise...

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