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Originally Posted by BMW_7
Im not really a fan of blue, I like my purplish look better... Its 6000k but it's purple so it stands out more than blue IMO...

Its funny now cause more and more cars come standard with HID nowdays... In 2000 it was a great deal cause even 4000K HID looked very different when almost every car on the road uses halongen, Now people (and manufacturers) just upgrade with higher Kelvin as more entry level cars come standard with projectors and HID options...I wonder what will happen in the future, will the K rating keep going up on cars until its shining pure blue light? lol...
Manufacturers use 4000-4500k at the most... at whatever point the whitest light is.

Why? Because the point of having HID's is to be able to see BETTER... not to look cooler. Manufacturer's know this, and would never start to put in high colour temps to just "distinguish" themselves. HID lighting is a passive safety feature. You don't see other safety features that trickle down to mid/entry level cars reduced/diminished.

anything over 6000k is gay... your upgrading u'r lights to reduce your light output, there's something everyone should do

The human eye cannot see blue light very well, so regardless of the increased lumen's, the colour temp at such a level just makes everything worse again.

As for purple (which is in the 12000k range - almost or is UV light) is even gayer. Blue and purple headlights don't look good and perform even worse.

6000k is just on the verge of being too blue, but the majority of the light projected is white.

And to all you people who put HID's into non projector/halogen headlamps... kill yourselves.
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