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Originally Posted by propr'one
From aquamist website:

"Which Aquamist will suit my car?
All our kits are stand alone systems, it can be fitted to any turbo or supercharged engine.

We have three versions of water injection system.

System1s is triggered by boost only, the trigger point is determined by an adjustable pressure switch installed in the manifold (3-30psi).

System2s comes with an electronic controller (MF2), mappable between 2000-9000 RPM at 1000 intervals, load signal is either supplied by an adjustable pressure switch or a MAP sensor (not supplied) for a true 3-D mapping, water flow is progressive with pressure. The water line is pre-pressuised (adjustable between 4-8bars) at start up, flow quantity is regulated by a solenoid valve via MF2.

System2c is designed for users with their own custom ECU, mainly for racing cars. System comes without electronic controller.

Apart from effectively cooling the inlet charge, water's main contribution is predominately used for in-cylinder cooling and detonation control. Once the detonation is under control, the boost can then be increased further to achieve more power gain. "
Thanks propr'one.

Fab, how is the AA one triggered?

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