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Originally Posted by WhadUpp
I would like to take a tour of the place to step back into time if I only knew the owner.
The whole thing is strange but it is very intriguing. Alot of questions come to mind in unravelling this bit of mystery but I'm sure there's an interesting story behind all this.

If I was a writer for an automobile magazine Id follow-up on this story and make an article about it.
Hey man, the big guy we saw in there was the owner.

After you left, he came out and asked us what we were doing...we asked if we could go in and take some closer pictures of the white 6, he said no because it was dusty, but did let us into the back garage area, where he keeps an equally prestine and absolutely flawless black 635csi.

He also told us that the grey E30 that used to be out front, which is now sold, had over 750,000 kms on it...on the original drivetrain!!!! But judging by the way he keeps that black 6, I wouldn't be surprised.

His name is Helmut...seemed like a pretty nice guy...and for people who want to go and take pictures- no problem, just let him know ahead of time- he would clean the cars up for you to do so!
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