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Originally Posted by WhadUpp
I would like to take a tour of the place to step back into time if I only knew the owner.
The whole thing is strange but it is very intriguing. Alot of questions come to mind in unravelling this bit of mystery but I'm sure there's an interesting story behind all this.

If I was a writer for an automobile magazine Id follow-up on this story and make an article about it.
your probably correct with the colour match grill this 635 has got to be totaly decked out with pretty much all available options.

ya your right a story or tour about this place would be awsome. Maybe should get a bimmer publication to look into it. or even the wheels section of the toronto star.

i mean look at all the people on here that have bits of the story, or may have talked to the owner years ago when the place was still in business. but there is still so much unknown about both the cars and owner (some say the owner went on to own downtown BMW which apparenly went out of business, others say bmw ended his contract and he went on to do other things.)

I'm suprised that no one has come forth saying they purchased their BMW from citation or may have worked there as a sales person or mechanic. if anyone has any personal experiences at the dealership feel free to say it.

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