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thanks alot for the pics. this kinda thing reminds me of when they had that big muscle car find last year in wisconsin. obviously on a smaller scale but still pretty cool.

wow the 5 still has a ton of dust on it as well as some hand prints on the rear deck lid. the 6 looks pretty clean now though. the dolphin blue 3 series seems to be plated and in one of the pics there seems to be some fertalizer or somthing on the floor on the left. seems like this guy has somthing for the 6 series cause it looks like he has about 3 of them there under that one roof as well as that mint 5 series in the showroom.

even that pic of the pic of the gullwinged M1 concept car is dated back to 1970. i bet even it is worth a few bucks to the right collector. i bet there are even model brochoures still floating around the place hell there are also offices upstairs. place is probably filled with memoribilia.

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