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That is one nice E24.

It may look flawless, but it will not be 80g's worth....this is no muscle car at Barrett Jackson. Even at half of's still a load of coin. I'd sink my coin in a classic Alpina or CSL first for any type of classic BMW investment.

Another item to note....I surely haven't seen any factory delivered E24s with painted to match looks like poop IMO.
Other than the m-tech spoiler which is partly painted and partly black, the smaller spoilers are also best kept in black too.

BTW...the last year E24 '89 M6 that sold at Automega which had only 800kms which someone had spotted not to long ago went for a steal compared to this 635CSi......and that one I would consider NEW!

If that 635CSi were mine...I'd keep that bad boy too....maybe buy new grilles first
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