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i would also assume he ownes the building. in the 80's most of this part of oakville was empty fields accept for the lakeshore and maplegrove areas. besides the place looked like a dump for 14 years untill recently. The reason it looks so abandoned is because there are dead potted plants on the dealership floor and some there is still stuff in the offices (scattered tables chairs) as well as things like coffee makers and stuff in plain sight. oh and all the classic merchandise sitting around. no one would bother renting this property out to this guy. they would have hiked the rent long ago to get rid of him. that land is far more valuable if rented to a light industrial company espically with its proxcimity to the qew.

But it also seems as hound pointed out he has some other's in the back that he keeps out of plain sight. but you never know those could be doner cars or the last trade in's he recieved at the dealership before it went out of business. My guess would be he folded the business and sold all the assets to his person.

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