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Originally Posted by E302NV
He owns the building so there is not any rent he has paid but deffinitley maintenance would add up. The funny thing about selling cars is its his he may never sell it and he may never care. its worth 80 to him and if he does not get that he does not sell it.

The person that offered to purchase the 6 choose to remain unknown.

You are very very wrong there... from what I understand he uses this building for the sole purpose of storage of these 3 cars, at least the 6er right? So he is paying monthly rent, in the sense that he is foregoing a loss in terms of opportunity cost. He is using the building to store the 6er INSTEAD of renting it out for lets say $1000/month for the sake of argument. So he is foregoing $1000 a month by storing the car/s there.

PS: im SURE is him who wants to buy the 6er... who else would be interested. And since you work for them you would know. BTW you work in sales at budds bmw right? Whats your name? Maybe ive seen you around there
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