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He means the entire gauge unit that comes out with youe spedo, tach, odometer gas and water temp gauge.
The cluster is the unit that harnesses these items.
Im not sure if it will work on a 328..... the dials are wrong..... M3 goes up tp 280 km/h... 328's dont... get my drift... in addition, the odometer keeps the existing mileige from the older car... its not just plug and play and than realizes the comp in your car... its a cool little thing but I dont think it works.

Not trying to spoil anyones deal here but I did research on it and Im trying to save people the hassles.

Difference in the clusters is that the M3 has red needles, M logo that lights up....... oh yah...somthing I forgot to mention...... M3 tach runs to around 8000 rpm I think....far more than 328..... how do you think this will work on a 328?????
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