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Originally Posted by cisco911
If that was me, I would have chased the Mofo down and beaten the shit out of him!!! I remember once on the 401, I was cruising and saw a guy with some junker and his muffler was tapping the ground. I said to myself, I better pass this guy before that thing flys off. Before I had time to do anything, SNAP!!! Off flies the muffler right at my windshield. Luckily no one was beside me and I was able to swirve out of the way.
Me and my buddy were cruising up the 400 for a long weekend, and he had just bought an integra... hes all happy and shit, just got a new paint job and skirts (hes a ricer), and just his luck... not once, but twice, he got hit with random shit. First time, a shoe flew out of someones top luggage, and dented his rad. Then, an hour later, someones undertray, or wheel well, or some random peice of plastic flew off and messed up his roof. stratched it all up just like Super M3's car. I feel bad when an actual nice car gets messed up, but I couldn't stop laughing at my buddy, telling him "uh oh, better get Maaco" because thats where he went for the paint job lol.
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