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528i auto > manual conversion?

Hello all Im new to the forums. This is my second Bmw since i obliterateded my E30 in college with the brick i had as a foot.

A good friend of mine sold me his 528i for a fair price as i wanted to keep the miles low on my S4. Now I want to turn it into a project car. Eventually Id like to supercharge it but have heard how 'fragile' the Bmw tranny is to such power loads.

I am curious, however, if anyone has experienced an auto > manual conversion in this model, if it is remotely worth it or even remotely doable; understanding that there are a couple of dozen parts that need exchanging. I realize this question is quite possibly asinine, but i'd like to explore every avenue even if it is a debasement to my automotive character. Ive found limited information in my own research.

Thanks for any input.
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