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hey does RMP provide an alternate car in the meantime while your cars are being fixed?
Most shops do not.

A good shop will provide quick and efficient service on the spot and they will make sure you don't have to bring it back which is great in my books.

A great shop will stay late depending on the problem to make sure it gets repaired properly and same day.

The bmw dealerships on the other hand are a bunch of hacks so they need to give you a loaner car and send you on your way. so when they screw up 5 times on the repair, they don't have to worry about giving the car back to you same day. and they call you 3 days later to tell you the car is ready. while the 2 extra days were full of numerous screwups, and your car sitting somewhere in the back lot not being worked on. Its so true, I've seen this happen to my car numerous times at certain dealers.
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