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Friend crashes her SLK

So at my skool there are all these rich people with never-ending pockets of money. We have S500s, 740ils, Porsche Boxsters, Audi A8, an E46 M3 convertible and a lot more but i can't remember. So i have a friend in my grade who just got her G2 like 2 months ago, and her rich-a$$ dad buys her her own freggin yellow Merc SLK!!! but to the point here, just last week, this chick was driving down Don Mills (without snow tires) when she came to a yellow light. A Suburu (they didn't know what suburu it was) that was in front of her looked like it was going to fly through, but it stops to a halt, my friend didn't expect this so she jammed on the brakes and went skidding into the suburu. well, the SLK's hood is now at a 90 degrees, and the suburu has just a little dent!!! (i dunno how that happened?) This happened just 2 months after this girl got her for all you new drivers out there (including myself) safe!!!

now here is the list of cars that this girls family has
2001 Merc CL500
2001 Merc CLK 430 convertible
1997 or 98 SLK 230 Kompressor (which is hers)
and maybe soon to come 2003 SL 500

shows what kinda rich a$$es are out here in T dot O.

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