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There are two shops that I'd recommend u to go:

1. RMP Motors in Bolton,, talk to Rocco, an excellent mechanic. He'll hook u up as soon as u enter the shop. Just name what need to be done and it's gonna be done in no time. Props to Rocco and Mark @ RMP Motors. Trust me, it's worth the drive to Bolton! This is where the magic happens...

2. Cross Avenue Auto in Oakville. Great guys, the lineup is too long there, so it's really hard if u need somethin done quick. Talk to Sam Nessan. He knows what he's doin too. And most importantly, they FIXED the problem i've posted here not too long ago w/ my car but I guess the mod deleted the thread. And I heard someone else got involved in the Exact same problem after Ive posted.

After all, you guys should EXPERIENCE the shops yourselves instead of judging directly through these recommendations.
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