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I'm not gonna post anything about any other shop than RMP. Its the only place my car has ever been, and the only place my car will ever go.
-Rocco's prices are great
-He is not only a certified BMW technician, he worked for BMW as a tech for almost as many years as i've been alive
-I've never had a problem with his work,
-He, although being very busy with other work, always has time (and patience) to answer questions that i have, (often more than once, since i really dont know much about cars)
-He often stays later than the shop is open to finish a job if necessary.

-what i love most about RMP, is that both mark and rocco treat EVERY car like a showcar. It doesn't matter if you bring in a brand new m5, or a beater, he'll do the job right, the first time, with no problems or surprises. The shop is clean, the tools are in order. Rocco must have jacked up thousands of e36's in his life, yet when putting my car on the hoist he'll check everything twice, then check it again. Closing your hood, he'll check for loose tools, and verify everything is in order twice, then check again.

Some of the work i had done at RMP includes
-new clutch, CDV delete. (on that visit, rocco checked the torquing of my bearings, noticed one was VERY loose, and tightened it for me. He also topped off my tranny fluid, and final drive fluid. He recommended i start looking for some brake pads, as mine were getting worn. He scanned my car, read the fault codes for the CEL and the SRS light. I'm sure there was more, but i dont remember it. And the most fantastic part was, he checked over my car without me having to ask. He understands i'm not a mechanic, and when i come in with a problem, i'm not implying that that's the only problem on the car.)

Since then, i've also had rocco swap a starter for me, and install my euro headlights, and angel eyes.

I'm one happy and loyal RMP customer, and think everyone would be if they'd give rocco and mark a try.

Keep up the good work
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