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Originally Posted by Slowered318
ohhhhhh.... you should have said something about using a prefab box.

you should be fine then.. go for it!

Yeah sorry Slowered318 forgot to mention that. Yeah a free air would do nothing for me. I know trust me I have been in the audio game a while. I once had 4 12" Xmax phoniex gold subs, powered by a zx 500 and a killer front end powered by a zx 350. I was hitting 141 db steady. Could hit higher db but it was a trunk enclosure all done by Kennedy Hi-fi.

I should be happy with the results though

I found out my prefab enclosure where off a 4 door. Holes are in the wrong spot but they will just drill new ones. Can wait to here how it sounds. Also told them to fire it up and here how it sounds. If there is rattle I told them to find it and sound deaten it. He said there shouldnt be that must because it is bolted right up to the rear deck. Can't wait to hear it
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