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Just picked this e36 up... *PICTURES*

So I got tired of waiting and took a trip to the bank friday to withdraw some cash... I was determined to buy a e36 that same day... After going from dealer to dealer, I finally found one that i wanted, but the price was too high. He wouldn't move on the price so after my cusin' finished peeing on the side of the dealership (which he saw lol), we left. We went across the city to the westend and found a nice little 320 and decided to take it. It's nothing too exciting yet, but it was a pretty clean ride. It was already lowered, came with a system and a ghetto dvd set up on the dash.

Here are some pictures taken with my phone. I'll post up better pictures sunday or monday once it's cleaned up.

After going to the bank to pick up the dough.

And what the dough went into.

As far as mods, I dunno where to start....
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