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Re: re 328

Originally posted by Maciek
hey man

i don't know if you remember me but i also have
a 328 97'. i met you at the bimmer cruize in
the summer. my car is madeira violet with the
same cooilovers as your. anyway, i just got 18"
hamann hm2 and you should see how dumped my car
looks. you think your car look low? man, try a
set of 18" and then you'll see what low is. i had
to roll my fenders. front and back. the tires are completely tucked inside the fender. now i have to
do something about the negative camber i have.
your buddy with the yellow a4 used to work at BBR
where did you get your vader seats?

e-mail me at

hey, i remeber your car...the stock 328is.. you are the guy who sold your bent BBS rims to my friend... you know what, read my post more carefully, i didn't mention anything about being the lowest 328is.. i just want to see how low bilstein coilover goes.. and i did raise my car back up afterwards.. by the way, what do 18" rims have to do with your car being low??.. unless you have no tires by the way, what other mods do you have on your car?
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