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Originally Posted by $500bimmer
oh so just get a tire that isnt wide enough for the rim??
stretching/euro/vip however you look at it started due to these 2 reasons.

1) old tires suck, so the older amateur racers tend to stretch the tires a little to minimize wall flexing.

2) TUV stated that for a car to be safe to operate on the public roads, the tire cannot pass the fenders.

the Euro-style crowd took the 2nd one to the max, i.e. 195/45/16 tire on 16x9 (that's pretty insane in my book) for a Jetta, usually its purely looks, because your wheel actually "pokes out", if you stretch nicely, the car looks just bad ass when drives by, if you poke wrong, you look like those wanna-be low riders.

now, there are some people who SAY its dangerous, its not, if you can mount the tires properly they won't blow out, people who had tires blown out just had bad tires, I've seen people with 205/55/16 Falkens blew out on a 16x7 wheel. If the beads can seat proper, there's no freaking way it'll come off under normal circumstances. And remember, more amateur levels of drifters also use the stretch method to prevent sidewall flex.

To know how much to stretch is important, for example, you want 19x10? I'd run probaly 245/35/19, that'll give you a nice and safe stretch.

I have 17x8.5, and I run 215/45/17, its not that noticeable, but when you look, its a stretch. Also your tires matters too, if you have Azenis RT615/215 you can't stretch, simply cause the sidewall is so stiff, its next to impossible to seat the beads, Kuhmo sucks at stretching, I can tell you that much, Micheline are ok, Continental contact sport 2 is a favorite amount stretch tires, Dunlop FM901 is a popular vote, Toyo T1S is good at stretch, if the tires are meant for the European market, they are good to stretch, but don't buy cheap tires and stretch, they are cheap cause their sidewalls are shit.

stretch is a mroe of style now since tire technology is pretty darn amazing, so some people like them, some don't, most people who love stretch are euro/vip peeps.

on a 318 ti with 17x10.5 and 245/35/17 tires

its not that obvious in this pic, but my all 4 of my wheels poke.

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