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Hey Maciek.

Hey, man. I remember you from the bimmer cruize, I am one of M52_Alpina buddy. I was at the bimmer cruize, too. With the AC Schnitzer 330i. Anyway, your car must be nice with the 18" hamann hm2, well..I was going to get a set of 18" ACS type-III for my car, too. but it's just too heavy, cuz M52_Alpina used to have a sets of 18" AC Schnitzer type-III. But it was so heavy, me and him wants performance more than cosmetic. When M52 had his 18" type-III, Yeah, I admitted my buddy(M52_Alpina)'s car was really reallg low, but since we always drag race with each other when we get new mods. His car was alot slower & also bad handling with the 18" ACS he got. M52TU, I smoked u with my M54TU
mmm.. sorry M52. just joking. and after that, he decided to get a 17" Alpina that are 8" wide in the front and 9" wide in the rear.

Is your Hamann rims heavy? cuz I am still looking for a set of 18" rims that are not toooo heavy.

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