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215/45-17 is fine for your E36.

It won't make a big difference compared to 225/45-17.

I doubt you'll be able to tell the difference in width by just looking at them.

You'll have a little bit less grip but nothing major. Your speedo will be fine.

Remember the difference is only 1 cm.

Originally Posted by BennyL
hey guys... this is me asking another question about tires again.

anyways, i decided against 18 inch rims, since alot of people pointed out it will reduce performance significantly, and probably gas mileage too. (i currently have 15's on 205/60/15 tires).

so im gonna get 17's. as for tires, it looks like most people use/recommend 225/45/17. my question is: are 215/45/17's ok? is 215 too narrow for 17 inch rims? will it look stupid?

im considering these tires cuz they are alot cheaper than 225/40/17, and the overall diameter is ALOT closer to the overall diameter of my current rims, which means i wouldn't get any speedometer changes (right?).

anyhoo, do your best to answer my plethora of questions. thanks!
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