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ummm its definately not a sound quality deck, ive never herd of the company and im big into car audio...the USB mermory card is pretty cool, and the deck is not expensive..therefore id say if u want a deck that ure not gunna directly run ure speakers off of, but dont wana pay alot, and are into the usb function..why not go for it..The onyl thing id worry about is warrentee,,,because ive never herd of the company, im not sure how good the compnay would be at waranteeing their product, how quickly this would take, etc..'
i donno maybe someone else has experience with it..

ps...might as well spend more money and get a system ure gunna be completely happy with, then one that cost less, and gives u grief later on..

and in regards to where ure from..."house of Lancaster""...are u refering to the strip joint in etobicoke lol

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"i saw your car there when i was there a few weeks ago, looks absolutely stunning man. I think i popped a ****ing boner, that paint looks sick
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