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You guys think I should write a book?

This started with talk about the middle east...

[] [parateq] my opinion is also that everything whats going on
[] [parateq] maybe not to the exact percent
[] [parateq] was planned out
[] [parateq] like our destiny
[] [parateq] i didnt really belive in destiny myself
[] [parateq] untill i recollected my dreams
[] [parateq] it is to opften that i dream of things then in a few they happen
[] [parateq] usually withing a years time
[] [parateq] like another sence that im getting glimpses of
[] [parateq] most humans have approx 10% of their brain power in use at any given time
[] [parateq] i think that some have special abilities that others maynot because of their body chemistry
[] [parateq] to us they are unexplained and seem paranormal
[] [parateq] but if you went to a dood 100 years back and told him you could turn on the light in this room with the clap of your hands
[] [parateq] he would worship the ground you walk on because he would think you are of the paranormal
edit: btw I'm high. :S
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