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Angry deck fuse keeps on blowing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it started 2 days ago while i was driving my HU started to flicker on and off then just turned off and while it did that it blew fuse 21 on my e30....every time i put a new fuse in it just blew...when i disconnected my deck fuse 21 was working again so i thought that was my problem...and to fix it i tried relocating the power directly to the battery and the ground to a piece of metal.....i plugged in the deck and i heard some werid static noises comming from the speakers then the deck fuse would just blow...this happens every time i put in a new fuse and plug the deck in....can loose speaker wire blow fuses??? what else could be causing the fuse to blow?? gimme something i can work with or that might help me out...

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