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Originally Posted by propr'one
You're right, i phrased that incorrectly. But since this is in a post in a section called Forced Induction, it can be assumed that the modifications to said engine will involve FI. The biggest gap in what i said is that cardcounters engine is a m52, not an m50, but if i have some time i'll look up a FI m50 that makes those numbers aswell. (AA has tons of m50's on thier site hitting those numbers) is the correct link, and he puts out 635 WHP on stock internals.
cardcounters car is impressive, but lets look at it like this its 635 on race gas and stock internals plus countless headgaskets, and studs. if you can afford to have to pull the engine apart and change the HG than thats all and well but almost all of us cant afford that either it being downtime or cost.

the way you did phrase it was like you ment build up as in NA, on boost you can make any engine run big numbers but for how long and how reliable? its not a good example, impressive example, but not a good one.
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