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Originally Posted by 3SERB
How did you fit thoes rims on the car???
rally style coilovers, rears cranked to max height.
can't tuck unless i go wide arche$

Originally Posted by TheMadChigga
one centre ring that goes from 74.3mm to 72.5mm and 5 bolts per wheel.

are those 225/45? cause you can get 225/40, or even 235/40 at rear is good, 235/40 has smaller profile than 215/45.
correct on the center rings, but i ran them for a few months without em.
didn't really notice a difference

Originally Posted by spooner_dee
so any whp numbers? how much boost you runnin? looks really good!
Nope, never dyno'd it yet. guestimating around 200+ due to what cars i've eat'n.

car is running 7.5lbs of boost, will be getting a different wastegate spring soon (hopefully), more boost.

More Pics
tremblant track day

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