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Hi Guys,

The set that you have seen at is the Hella Celis Angel Eyes set.

It's the same set that I have been talking about in another topic here, I think it was named Angels eyes E30.

Let me assure you all that its a factory set, facing the high standards set by Hella.

The sets from Hella does come in a suitcase sized package including :

Factory made housing with guaranteed fit.
H7 bulbs for improved lightning
Additional wiring parts for adding the celis rings (angel eyes)

and mounting guide (written in german tho + "drawing of how to do")

For those of you that find it hard to read German, once you have the sets, contact me, as we will translate this and include the translated version also.

And as Hella does it (German perfectism) does the guide also cover how to adjust the beams, and even how to aim the beams for right side driving.

The final price will be in the range of USD 425-475 everything included, some dealers will properly set them higher while others will have some hidden additional fees.(shipping, insurance, handling)

I have knowledge of one site that will list the sets within the givven range as above - everything included, even a translated guide. (English only, maybe Danish for the fun of it

Lastly, for some darn reason has Hella released these fuzzy pictures of their upcoming series.

They doesn't really embrais the design - I know for a fact as I have had several E36 sets in hand.

If I had planned to add the Angel eyes for my E30, would I consider a) go for the factory set from Hella and find a decent delear that will have them or b) wait until their release for purchasing some of the other kits avialable, as the price on these sets eventually will decrease in price.

I mean - who the will try sell homemade angel eyes with LED's at USD 300,- when these sets will be heading to NA in large numbers ?


BTW - H7 will dramatically increase the driving light on your E30 - and the patented Celis technology, well you can see the difference.
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