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Originally Posted by Justin e36
I'm confused.
I think they were lol'ing at your first statement about building up a m50 to 500+hp without boost.

Then you said "You saying it can't be done?" and proceeded to prove them wrong with an example...

But the example you used has a boosted engine, and the engine is NOT built up. It's still on stock internals.
I thought you were proving that it can be done naturally aspirated by building the engine up?

You're right, i phrased that incorrectly. But since this is in a post in a section called Forced Induction, it can be assumed that the modifications to said engine will involve FI. The biggest gap in what i said is that cardcounters engine is a m52, not an m50, but if i have some time i'll look up a FI m50 that makes those numbers aswell. (AA has tons of m50's on thier site hitting those numbers) is the correct link, and he puts out 635 WHP on stock internals.
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